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PREMIERE: Watch NZCA LINES' Video for "Chemical Is Obvious"

Where's the line between a real connection and ephemeral, pheromonal, chemical attraction? London's NZCA LINES digs deep on this sleek, synthy cut.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jun 15 2016, 1:20pm

NZCA LINES, a.k.a. Michael Lovett, released one of the finest records of the year: Infinite Summer is synthy, sexy, nerdy, and melodically divine. This is the latest cut from the London-based 20-something, along with his singing/drumming collaborative cohort Sarah Jones (who also plays with Hot Chip). A pulsing Italo-disco-esque tune with a synth line that ripples ominously. Meanwhile the video, premiering below, is a neat animation, dark and clean, much like the production on this song.

As for what the "Chemical Is Obvious" is about, Lovett had this to say: "It's about the spark of something between two people, the discovery of a new element—not without discomfort. Are these emotions real, or are we just slaves to the chemicals coursing through our bloodstreams?"

Good question Lovett!

Director Brian Alfred heard the song and was inspired thusly: "When listening to the song, I had a feeling of nighttime. It felt like walking home late at night after being out for a long time. To capture the feeling of an early morning haze I started playing with overlapping these night scenes and having them bleed into each other. Many of the lights in the animation pulse to the beat in a subtle way almost as if the beat is in the viewers head and it’s making the lights pulse in their vision. Having the scenes depopulated gives a sense that the viewer is the only one left awake, gliding through the landscape on a solo journey making their way home. Working to the song was a great inspiration for the animation."

Watch below and listen, really listen to Infinite Summer, out via Memphis Industries, ASAP.

Side note: Last week they dropped "Oh… (Call Me Back)" which is FIRE—like early Metronomy meets Destiny's Child. It's about a flighty, flakey girl. He's just ready for the simple life! He's tired of being jerked around. Call him back, girl. But then at the halfway point, Sarah takes over the vocals and tells him to stop being so needy, she just needs some alone time with some snacks and a warm bath. We feel that.