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Check Out Kid Moxie's Cryptic Noir Video for "Dirty Air"

Last time we caught up with Kid Moxie she was working with frequent David Lynch collaborator Angelo Badalamenti. Now she's back: still synthy, still mysterious.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jun 8 2016, 2:31pm

Photo by Efi Gousi

Last time we caught up with Kid Moxie was over a year ago when she was hanging out and collaborating with Angelo Badalamenti. You know, the composer who penned accompaniments to David Lynch's finest films. NBD. Now she's back with her latest single off her forthcoming EP: below is the premiere of the video for "Dirty Air"—which is something of a misnomer because the the LA-based singer fills the air with meringue-light vocals and disco-pulsed synths. Very cinematic. Very Drive. Not particularly dirty. In keeping with her Badalamenti/Lynch connection the video, directed by Keith Musil in downtown LA, has a very film noir feel to it.

"The video is symbolic and could be interpreted in various ways, but to me, it symbolizes the act of falling in love and devouring the object of your affection," explains Kid Moxie. "It represents the visceral side of love, which can be all consuming to both people. Falling for someone is not always just a beautiful experience, but can also have a certain element of danger as you tend to give a part of yourself and take a piece of someone else. I wonder how many pieces of the people we have loved we still carry with us."

Check out the video below, plus a bunch of behind the scenes pics.

Pre-order "Dirty Air."

Kid Moxie's EP Perfect Shadow is out on 7.3 via West One Music Group

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