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Can Drake Ever Be Stopped?

With 'Views' still riding high in the charts, Aubrey announced over the weekend that he's already working on the next installment in the story that is Drake.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 25 2016, 10:45am

As the sands of time swirl around and the seasons change, the leaves will fall to the ground and a rapper will announce that he's working on a new mixtape. This time the artist is Drake, the famed and near sentient meme behind "One Dance"—the longest running number one single Great Britain has seen in the last nine years—and all of those albums people used to sob along to in secrecy before it became acceptable and en-vogue to subtweet ex-partners using some of his more famed lyrics.

Drake has been relatively quiet since he released VIEWS to relatively mixed reviews earlier this year. Sure, he's been on a tour, and sure, there's been news that he's been working on a joint album with Gucci Mane, and sure, he's featured on tracks like YG's "Why you Always Hating," yet it may not be a stretch to suggest he had taken a step out of the limelight to reccooperate from the critical aftermath that followed the release of his fourth album. In fact, it's easy to picture him, sat on a chaise lounge with nachos spilt all over his chest and a slight fuzz over his face. But—that is not the case. For Drake is Drake, and we all know that Drake #StartedFromTheBottom, and therefore he will keep on working hard until Aubrey Graham is finally awarded the Best Leading Actor award at the Oscars for his lifetime commitment to playing the role of Drake. All of which is a long-winded way of saying that over the weekend, Drake announced he'd been working on the next installment in that story. Watch the video below, bathe in the motivational essence of his speech, and hope that whatever comes next will trump VIEWS.

Drake announcing he's working on a new mixtape at tonight's Summer Sixteen show in Kansas City.

— Dody (@vietbrah) July 24, 2016
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