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Snogging, Flashing, and Drinking in Graveyards in NRVS LVRS' New Video for "2 Young 2 Know"

All the best moments of your life in three minutes.

by Emma Garland
Dec 11 2015, 12:00pm

According to their press release, NRVS LVRS spin a dreamscape of internal narratives that envelops exactly what it means to live in San Francisco. But their new video for "2 Young 2 Know," premiering below, also captures exactly what it means to be young and reckless universally. Following two women drinking in graveyards, flashing cars, and snogging, it's basically a compilation of all the best moments of your life in three minutes through a Harmony Korine lens.

Taken from their debut full-length The Golden West, released on Breakup Records, "2 Young 2 Know" is a snapshot of the emotional place between starry-eyed hope and late-night anxiety. Landing somewhere between Tears for Fears and My Bloody Valentine, NRVS LVRS have taken the particular days when your responsibility-free teenage years begin to creep into existential crisis and turned them into magic.

Watch the video, directed by David Dutton, below.

If you happen to be on the West Coast for Christmas, NRVS LVRS' release show will take place on December 18 at DNA Lounge in San Francisco. Facebook event here.

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