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Weezer and Best Coast Find Each Other on Tinder in the New Video for "Go Away"

Go away, Rivers.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 24 2015, 3:05pm

Weezer and Best Coast find eachother on Tinder in the new video for "Go Away," the lead single from Everything Will Be Alright In the End. It's actually really refreshing to see Rivers joke around like this, posing ironically with a vinyl copy of The Blue Album as opposed the tired and curmudgency, Thom Yorke-ian attitude he used to have towards the early Weezer hits. In fact, if you've seen footage from any Weezer show in the last year, it's pretty much been a year-long Karaoke sesh with hundreds of fans singing along. The band definitely seem to be embracing the classics recently and thank God, because who would've survived middle school without "The Sweater Song," amirite? This latest LP was even produced by Ric Ocasek who also produced The Blue Album so there you go. Bethany Cosentino, a vocal Weezer fan, continally swipes left in the video (she also sings on the track), rejecting Rivers until he finally wins her over by staging the robbing of her purse only to give it back to her. All and all, it's pretty freakin' cute. Watch it below.

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