There's Nothing Prettier Than Two Girls in Love in Paris: Here's BETS' Video for "Jenny"

Lust in the streets, music to our ears.

Apr 2 2015, 1:43pm

Starring Jade Lennes and Camille Ninat, directed by Andrew Brooke.

"My Parisian love affair," sings BETS in her sugared, cutesy tones. Who doesn't want to have a tryst in Paris? I dream about the possibility every night, praying to the white cat who sits on my fire escape to make it so. Thing is BETS—who knows what her real name is—has actually experienced hot times in the French capital and the bi-coastal singer has poured her experience into "Jenny," the video for which is premiering above.

"'This song is about a one night stand in Paris with a girl named Jenny," BETS explains. "I was lucky enough to be working in Paris on a recording gig and got to shoot the video there with the amazing director Andrew Brooke. We ran around Paris late at night with our small crew (who became fast friends) and had a beautiful couple of nights creating this footage. The city is so lovely and full of beauty, inevitably great times were had. I hope you can see that when watching the story unfold..."

Sure can. But is BETS still in touch with Jenny? Who knows! Better to leave this romance crystallized in three piano-plinky minutes and sepia-tinted memories.

Side note: the girls in this video really are unreasonably gorgeous babes.

"Jenny" is lifted from BETS' forthcoming record Days Hours Nights. Get this song now!

Any Parisians up for a quickie contact Kim Taylor Bennett via Twitter.