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Premiere: Classified and B.o.B Get "Higher"

Classified has a new song with B.o.B and it sounds like the glorious first days of spring.

by Noisey Canada Staff
Mar 7 2014, 3:19pm

Classified has a new song that's sure to soon be a staple on the Canadian radio waves. In addition to sampling Jackie Wilson's classic "Higher and Higher," the East coast rapper recruited B.o.B for a verse. The finished product is toe-tappingly wonderful, so brace yourself to hear this song a phenomenal amount of times over the summer before eventually growing to loathe it.

Classified is a national treasure for Canada, and not in the disappointing Nicholas Cage type of way. He's managed to grow his fan base through a steady national touring schedule and by creating songs that are heavily rooted in Canadian culture. He's turned all of this success into a high selling album and multiple awards. If you think about it, Classified was the original Macklemore.