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Darren Sylvester's "Boys Die Young" Mixes Sheen and Street Wear

And three girls miming.

by Noisey Staff
Aug 1 2014, 2:33am

Featuring bouncy hair, soft drumming and slo-mo groove, Darren Sylvester’s latest video oozes sultry sophistication in street wear.

The Melbourne artist, known primarily for his work in photography, sculpture and video, has directed and edited the new video along with Alifeleti Tuapasi Tokia, and the results are slick.

The third video from his second album Off By Heart stars Laura, Mai and Lei miming and getting their 80s style groove on under filtered lights. Sylvester explains it as a Lost Boys-style girl group, branded and stranded in the Garden of Eden. “Like a modern day Adam and Eve, playing a song in a forest about boys dying young.”

The Coco hoodies come from 'Me', a half-hour sitcom Sylvester co-wrote while the drum machine is from his 2009 piece ‘Drum Machine'. There’s art everywhere!

"Off By Heart" is available now through Chapter records.

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