Rye Rye and Tt The Artist's Guide to Baltimore

Erotic art shows, amusement parks, crab cakes—there's plenty to see and do in Bmore and here's Rye Rye and Tt's handy guide.

by VICE Staff
Aug 25 2014, 6:00pm
rye rye


1. Moby's
"I don't really go to bars but one that I do party at from time to time is a Wednesday night at Moby's. A small bar that gets ratchet LOL but the music is good."

2. Captain James

"It's like an restaurant that is also called "the boat" because it looks like one and they have amazing seafood. My favorite meals from there are stuffed chicken and stuffed shrimp."

3. XS
"They have great sushi and it's a pretty setup. Very laidback."

4. Sip n Bite
"That's a restaurant that we might hit up after hours coming from an club or something. Very small chill little place with all types of food. Great gyros!"

5. PowerPlant

"It's a very different setting I love the crowd or brings in the "not scared to party" people."

6. Rams Head Live
"I seen Snoop perform there back in 2012! It's the perfect place for artists to perform it's set up exactly for an show."

7. Paradox
"This is basically an club but they have an backroom where I like to be to see the dancers. That's basically the full experience there on an Friday night."

8. Six Flags

"I love going there during the summer to get funnel cakes—LOL—and for the amusement."

9. Inner Harbor
"This is where we filmed my Made In Baltimore interview. It's just an nice place to tour, walk around, eat, relax, etc."

Aquatic Center
Various locations.
"Indoor pool with slides and an jacuzzi. I like taking the kids there to have fun."

tt the artist



1. The Windupspace
"Great entertainment and good community of creative people also were I host my monthly open mic series The Mellow Mix."

2. The Crown
"The newest venue to the Station North area that attracts all the cool hipsters and partygoers known for the coolest underground and experimental parties."

3. MO's Seafood
"Love their crab cakes."

4. Aloha Sushi
"The best happy hour prices and karaoke nights!"

5. Jong Kak
"Korean BBQ restaurant perfect spot for a late night meal after the partying."

6. The Metro Gallery
"The perfect blend of art and entertainment."

7. The Crown
"Hands down hosts the best dance parties."

8. The Downtown Cultural Arts
"Awesome up and coming venue that hosts community art and cultural enrichment events, workshops, concerts, plays, and art exhibits."

9. Artist and Craftsman Art Supply

"Best art supply store."

10. Downtown Locker Room (DTLR)
"One of the hottest urban shoe and apparel brands in the DMV that also distributes music and supports rising talent."

11. Red Emma's Coffeehouse and Bookstore
"Sells great art and and hosts social aware events."

12. Gallery 788

"This has the beat art exhibits. One of my faves is the annual erotic art show."

13. Fells Point
"Love the vibe out there great places to eat, drink and shop."

Recording Studio
Various locations
"I love going to the studio of course it's where all the magic happens."


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