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Here's Blank Paper's Video for "Ambien"

Noir-ish synth pop from Brooklyn's Blank Paper. Listen to with a martini.

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Jan 14 2014, 10:00pm

So here's what: we have no idea of the plot of this promo. It's noir-ish and mysterious, populated by shifty looking characters who remain half-lit and frequently bathed in a red glow. The streets are always steaming and it culminates in a badass back alley fight where lead singer Marie Kim crushes her opponent in seductive slo-mo.

Forged out of a love of synths back in 2012, here Brooklyn-based quartet, Blank Paper, specialize in a stuttered, synth-pop that's instantly memorable. "Ambien" is redolent of the 80s without sounding like a pastiche: it's clandestine and aurally titillating and should be danced to in a dark corner when you're two martinis deep.

Blank Paper open for St. Lucia on January 17th at the Music Hall of Williamsburg.

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