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Noisey + Spooky + Sexy = SPOOKSEY


by Carey Waggoner
Sep 19 2012, 3:00am

You know how some days feel like The End of Days by way of your iPod? Well, those dark musical moments need to be celebrated. Their cinematic evocation is pretty unique, and unless you’re listening to Morricone 24/7, you probably aren’t picturing yourself in full frame on the daily, so let’s do so—even if that scene is your last seen. Leave the cosplay at the door, exit Hot Topic, and stop (start?) eating candy; this is some spooky shit that is (surprise!) SEXY.

And because Spotify isn’t the only resource:

What's sexier than a vampiric Bowie fucking to Bauhaus? Not this:


Mike Oldfield (of Exorcist fame) is absolutely worth browsing on YouTube this All Hallows. While few official videos surface, the album covers that crop up are kind of worth the sacrifice—not to mention how fucking good the tracks are. PEEP!


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