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Drake Finally Figured Out People Have Been Ripping Off YOLO

Champagne Papi wants his YOLO money.

Dec 25 2012, 3:15pm

This morning while checking Instagram (Merry Christmas! Use the holiday as an opportunity to hang out with your family and definitely not sleep late and use technology!) we noticed that Drake, aka Instagram user champagnepapi, had posted a couple photos of YOLO merchandise (see above and below). This means that either Drake was in a Walgreens and then a Macy's, saw clothes with his own motto on them and decided to FINALLY SPEAK OUT, or he was bored on Christmas and decided to troll some people.

This does bring up some interesting questions regarding intellectual property law, though. How many letters constitute an original phrase that "belongs" to somebody? "YOLO" first reared its head on "Lord Knows," a song from Drake's Take Care that was a joint song with Rick Ross, and Ross said it before Drake did—is the phrase Ross's even though it became famous because of Drake's "The Motto?" And how much money would Drake actually get for suing people about "YOLO?" We have so many questions, and the only thing we know is that Drake spells "cheque" like a Canadian person. Stay tuned for 2013, when we inevitably ask a lawyer, "Does Drake have the right to sue people ripping him off?"