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This Week in Best New Rap Songs: Grilled Cheeze Vol. 4

The Migos Flow™ takes a stab at different tempos, Detroit gets some much-needed love, and Berner tries to shake his reputation.

by Skinny Friedman
Jun 30 2014, 4:31pm

Time for Round Four. Check out past mixes of the week's best hip-hop in volumes one, two, and three.

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Plies - "Fancy (P-Mix)"

The original Dade County goon and secret conscious rapper has been dropping "P-Mixes" of everything, even Iggy's peed-in American Apparel jumper of a platinum single. Everything's better with some Plies in it.

Rayven Justice f/ Migos - "Slide Thru (remix)"

The upshot to Migos getting that diversified remix money (i.e. Biebz Buck$) is hearing them adjust the Migos Flow™ to different tempos. It goes better than expected. Quavo still sounds overly excited and the ad libs are still plentiful.

Doughboyz Cashout - "Mo Chains Than A Slave"

"Chains" is classic DBC: late-90's Cash Money-inspired goon rap with a lot of funny/dumb punchlines. I couldn't fit anything from Icewear Vezzo's Clarity 3 in last week's tape so I wanted to do right by Detroit, especially as thousands of its citizens lose running water.

Kokane f/ Mitchy Slick - "Time Keep Moving On"

Kokane making his second GRILLED CHEEZE appearance in a row! Dude still sounds like a haunted bungalow in Inglewood when he sings. His rapping is OK, but I'm a Mitchy Slick stan so I had to give his typically grizzled verse the nod.

S-Type f/ Roc Marciano - "Inside (Outro)"

If you're not up on S-Type, he's kind of like Rustie-lite (no shots). His Rosario EP is out this week on Lucky Me and "Inside (Outro)" features Roc Marciano, the Best Rapper From Long Island, "Sentence Fragments About Pushing Heroin and Silk Shirts" Division. He should need no introduction, but I do want to note that on this song he calls a white girl a "Chris Mullin-ette".

DJ Jelly f/ 2 Chainz - "Do It"

A Tity Boi loosie from Atlanta legend DJ Jelly, ostensibly from an upcoming tape called We Declare Independence. It's a collab between Jelly, DJ Montay, and DJ Calvin Da Coordinator. I like to think Calvin goes real hard with the clipboard emoji.

Katie Got Bandz f/ Cap-1 - "I Can't Lie"

Katie hasn't lost a step and spends most of Drillary Clinton 2 threatening to kill you and being rich. Unfortunately, the tape sounds like it was mixed down on an iPhone in a Pringles can. Katie, you got Bandz. You should spend them on a sound engineer.

Cakes Da Killa - "Truth Tella"

By the standards of Cakes Da Killa's new Hunger Pangs tape, "Truth Tella" counts as low energy, which is absurd. The ferocious Jersey rapper spends Pangs head-butting his way through after track of club and vogue-inspired knock. He's got charisma to spare, but he can and will beat you senseless with #bars. In a good way.

Boogie f/ Epicmustdie - "Black Males"

"Black Males" picks up on what seems to be a trend of Southern California rappers speaking honestly about the dysfunction in their community. Long Beach-based Boogie joins Kendrick and Earl in honest introspection and it's a welcome shift: Usually when hip-hop starts pointing fingers, it points them elsewhere. His Thirst 48 project isn't all political, but he does stay cranky. Weirdly, it's over chill, summery, beats. Like poolside Vince Staples.

Berner f/ Young Thug and Vital - "All In A Day"

Poor Berner still has a reputation as the U-God of Taylor Gang, but "All In a A Day" is special. The Maxwell Smart and Cozmo-produced track sounds like 808 Mafia at their weirdest and Thugger goes to fucking town. I cut YG's verse because this is one of those slow-ass songs where everyone spits like 16 bars, and it's 6 minutes long.

Skeme f/ TI - "Look What I Did"

Really just the hardest beat I heard all week. Wreck your car to this.

Skinny Friedman is like one of those guys on the radio but on the Internet. He's on Twitter - @skinny412


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