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Babe, Terror: "Lifantastic II" Video Premiere

A whole eight minutes of moving Magic Eye, erm, magic.
September 5, 2012, 1:30pm

Congratulations to Sao Paolo's Babe, Terror, for turning out the trippiest video for the trippiest 8 minutes of _Twin Peaks_-esque psychedelia. "Lifantastic II" being a veritable buffet of scratchy drum loops and seriously creepy backwards vocals.

As for the Joshua Bastien directed video, it's kinda like watching a moving Magic Eye image, and OMG, you can totally make out, like, a Papua New Guinea manhood ritual happening or something right? Or can you? I DON'T KNOW, WHERE AM I?!

Watch for yourself below, but probably not at 5am in the grips of a molly comedown.

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