The Rap Monument, Vol. 9: Heems, Nasty Nigel, and Yak Ballz

Watch as three of the New York underground's finest rip this Hudson Mohawke instrumental to shreds.

by Noisey Staff
Dec 12 2014, 7:47pm

I've never listened to a single podcast in my life, but I've heard that Serial is pretty good and some sort of "landmark" for the "podcast industry" in that people give a shit about it as much as they'd normally give a shit about a TV show or whatever. So I guess that means that podcasts are the officially the new place for talk-radio that isn't like super-conservative nutjobs screaming about Obama and the New World Order (those guys will always kill it during drive time), which somehow makes stuff like YouTube and Soundcloud the new music radio. (Just go with me here, I'm getting somewhere.) And if YouTube and Soundcloud are the new music radio, then Noisey's Rap Monument is the new version of the cypher, except cut up into a bunch of pieces and uploaded to the internet in twos and threes.

OK, that's maybe a super shitty extended metaphor, whatever. The point is, watch Heems, Yak Ballz, and Nasty Nigel from World's Fair rip up Hudson Mohawke's instrumental for the Rap Monument, or else I'll keep talking about podcasts.