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Neon Indian Saves a Dude's Life with Music and First Aid in His New Video for "Techno Clique"

Meat dimensions, terrible clubs, and Neon Indian vacantly watching over it all.

by John Hill
Mar 25 2016, 2:38pm

Last year, Neon Indian released his third full-length record, VEGA INTL. Night School, a record packed with some of his most infectious, intense work to date. Today he dropped a new video for "Techno Clique" in conjunction with comedy website Super Deluxe. The video starts out innocuous enough, a bunch of people grooving around at a party and one dude getting a little too lit, choking on a chicken wing. He starts slumping, and passes out while a team of dancing paramedics attempt to revive him. During this, he's in a strange meat dimension, while Neon Indian watches over him. It's a strange, fucked up video that manages to match the music and be hilarious at the same time.