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Watch Run The Jewels' New Video for "Love Again" Featuring the Horniest Insects Ever

Apiphobics stay away.

by John Hill
Apr 17 2016, 6:04pm

Run The Jewels work fast. During a pounding set at Coachella yesterday, the duo of El-P and Killer Mike dropped a brand new visual for "Love Again" featuring Gangsta Boo, one of their strongest cuts from their recent 2014 record Run The Jewels 2. Today they dropped the entire visual for all of us to take part in,, which features some super detailed and hardcore shots of some bees pollinating flowers. In place of you know, sex stuff, you can kinda get the same experience watching this frisky fucking bee go wild on some flowers, before a venus fly trap eats it whole. It's a perfect interpretation of the track, and not one you would ever expect.

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