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Dive Into a Watery Grave with Sourvein's New Album, 'Aquatic Occult'

These Southern sludge stalwarts reveal that they've got some new tricks (and killer guests) up their sleeves on their Metal Blade debut.

by Noisey Staff
Apr 6 2016, 4:34pm

T. Roy is a man on a mission, and has taken no prisoners in the twenty-three years since he first stepped out onto a stage and introduced us to Sourvein. A proud son of Cape Fear, North Carolina, he's bounced between the South, the North, and the West Coast (and all points in between) in pursuit of his dreams, and now, he's getting ready to release the biggest statement of his career: Aquatic Occult, Sourvein's fourth full-length and debut release for metal powerhouse Metal Blade Records.

On this album, T. Roy—who remains Sourvein's founder and sole remaining original member—is aided by bassist Lou Gorra, guitarist Rochelle, and drummer Spider, the latest members in the band's rotating cast of characters. Aquatic Occult is a very collaborative album overall, and features guest appearances by members of Amebix, Iron Monkey, Weedeater, Subrig Destroyer and All Tore Up, while COC's Reed Mullin plays drums on more than half of the album. Aquatic Occult was mastered by Brad Boatright and produced by T. Roy's longtime friend, Mike Dean, (who most of us know better as the bassist and vocalist for Corrosion of Conformity). Dean also appears on the track "Ocypuss" with Lamb of God's Randall Blythe (who also appears on multiple other songs). The end result is much more dynamic and adventurous than what we've come to expect from Sourvein, who are generally seen as standard-bearers for vintage Southern sludge.

Aquatic Occult is officially out April 8 (with preorders available now), but we've got it streaming in its bleak, sludgy entirety right here.

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