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Celebrate the Shit Out of Earth Day with Idgy Dean’s Video for “Pantheon Punk”

Sun's out, drums out.

by Dan Ozzi
Apr 22 2016, 2:10pm

Photo: Joshua Black Wilkins

Diddy is a hard act to follow. After he crashed The Chris Gethard Show recently, it seemingly rendered the rest of the show filler material. How do you top a guy that enters through his own personal door, argues with Zach Galifiankis, and leaves? But the show’s musical guest, Idgy Dean, held her own with her one-woman, bare-footed set which was even enough to rock The Human Fish himself.

Today, Idgy Dean (which is the stage name of the human beat-loop machine Lindsay Sanwald) is releasing her new video for “Pantheon Punk,” and, after 38 consecutive months of winter, we, the pale-faced writers in Noisey’s New York offices are drooling over it. It is giving us serious weather envy. The video is essentially five straight minutes of summer worship, capturing everything that's great about the season—sunkissed shoulders, dripping ice cream cones, night time mini-golf. It looks like one long advertisement for the sun and we want in. It’s also the perfect accompaniment to her blend of life-loving surf/garage rock.

Basically what we are saying is that we want to be Idgy Dean’s friends and have her take our winter-atrophied bodies surfing. Please. We promise that we are slightly more coordinated than we look. We will just need an economy sized tube of SPF 200 and some inflatable swimmies and we’re good to go.

Check out “Pantheon Punk” below, the perfect video to enjoy on Earth Day (or the full moon if yer goth!). The song is from Idgy Dean's deceptively dark album Ominus Harminus which you can pick up here.

Oh, and in case you missed it, here she is on Gethard:

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