Get Clean with Lil Wayne's New Video for "Selsun Blue"

The skate life chose him.

by John Hill
May 6 2015, 2:35pm

Have you ever wondered what shampoo Lil Wayne is most likely to use on his dreads? Well, the video for "Selsun Blue" seems to suggest his spreference for discount dandruff soaps. Jokes aside, it's a fun-ass video that shows Weezy skateboarding around a bowl, rolling joints, and throwing down auto-tuned verses to a real shady beat, continually proving that his latest tape Sorry for the Wait 2 is the best he's sounded in years. With all the Young Thug, Young Money and Barter 6 drama bubbling around Wayne's life, it seems like he has far more to fight for than anything he's done before. Sure, there are rumors everywhere about Carter V being curtains for his career, but he's not leaving in fear of being outdone by alone. He wants to bail as the best rapper alive. What's more is that if there's anything to be said about Lil Wayne, it should be that he has come incredibly far in his skateboarding abilities. If a 30-year-old man can get way better at skating, who's to say Carter V won't be the best record of his career.