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Hopsin Gave the Internet His Phone Number and 365,859 Texts Later He Got a $6,000 Bill

Famous people need to learn that we can't be trusted.

by Joe Zadeh
May 13 2015, 10:49am

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK.

Who hasn’t posted their phone number publicly before? You know, on Gumtree or something, to sell an HD TV you bought when you were student loan plush. Or maybe just on Facebook, drunk, at 4 AM, alongside the words “im so lonely ;-)”. Or maybe on Twitter, drunk, at 4.30 AM, alongside the words “honestly, who wants to hang out!?”. Or maybe at 5 AM, on your Tinder bio, alongside the words “ring me pls”. But it was okay for you to do that, because A) you were actually very, very drunk, and B) you don’t have 2.4 million people who desperately want to know you, ring you, text you, or interact with you in any way.

Fairly famous rapper Hopsin, known best probably for his beefs with Odd Future, decided it was a bright idea to post his phone number on Facebook two days ago. The amicable Mr. Hopsin told his millions of followers to just drop him a call, send him a text, and shoot the breeze with Hopsin, because Hopsin would be happy to get back to you. Most fans labeled it bullshit, so, clearly a bit underwhelmed by the flaccid impact, he posted another video. This one showed him with the actual phone as texts and calls were coming in, and answering them on camera to show it wasn’t a joke. That seemed to be enough to convince people, the video racked up around 2.5 million views and almost 60,000 likes.

Text Hopsin! 1 818 946 0244

Text me! people still think its not me answering. Add yourself to my phonebook once you get a text back. Ill be calling people that are in my phonebook.1 818 946 0244

Posted by Hopsin on Monday, 11 May 2015

The problem is, Hopsin clearly doesn’t pay too much attention to his life admin. Me? I obviously search for the best talk plan possible. I spent days on until I found the right deal with GiffGaff, because I’m pretty cool like that. Hopsin doesn’t strike me as the type of cool and interesting guy who'd revise his standard terms or weekend call rates; and as all those fans turned into all those calls and all those texts, a fucking huge phone bill began to swell behind closed doors, like Jabba the Hut after a cheap lamb bhuna. In 48 hours, Hopsin had received 365,869 text messages and more calls than Croydon police station, totalling just over six thousand dollars, and when he checked his bill online, he wasn’t a happy Hopsin anymore.

Man U gotta be fuckin kidding me! Holy fuck, MY PHONE BILL IS 6 thousand fuckin dollars!! What the FUCK was i thinking. Kill me now

Posted by Hopsin on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

We tried to call Hopsin to get his thoughts, but weirdly enough the number doesn’t seem to work anymore. The lesson is this: there are certain invisible walls between the public and the famous ones that shouldn't be removed. Whenever a celebrity is wondering about how much of their real selves to reveal to the general public, they should always consult Kanye's face.

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