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Turn The Lights On and Prepare to Meet Your Maker with the New Autopsy Track "The Howling Dead"

Death metal legends keep it spooky

by Fred Pessaro
Mar 26 2014, 3:34pm

photo by Courtney McCutcheon

Too many death metal bands nowadays have completely missed the point; death metal is supposed to be terrifying. By terrifying, I don't mean in a "holy fuck look at how good dude is with those dorian, phrygian or callipygian scales" but more in a "don't turn off the lights, I don't want to be dismembered" kind of way. Technicality only works if it strives toward brutality.

That said, Autopsy is a relatively simple band compared to most who claim the "death metal" tag nowadays. Proficient with their instruments and master songwriters, the death metal pioneers know that you don't have to pile on the blast beats or be the sickest guitar player to be the ones that people cross the street to avoid. That's what makes the latest single from Autopsy, "The Howling Dead," a total ripper. After fifteen years off, the gods are still delivering primal, bone-chilling death metal of the finest order. Check out the track below and look for the new LP Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves in North America on April 29th. Order yours via Peaceville.

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