The Guy from The Bravery Returns: Listen to The Mercy Beat's EP

Here's new track "Fool for a Fool," plus the rest of their debut EP.

Jun 16 2014, 5:17pm

This morning I turned to Eric Sundermann—Noisey's Managing Editor— and I said, "Do you remember The Bravery?" He said he did not and that made me feel old and weird. The Bravery were based in NYC and they came out in the wake of The Killers, back in the mid-2000s, with an indie synth strut that lit up college discos and a couple of decent tunes ("An Honest Mistake," "Unconditional"). They had a member in their band called Dirt. The singer, Sam Endicott, had silly hair. They were very popular, particularly in the UK where "An Honest Mistake" went to number seven in the singles charts.

Then it took too long for them to release their second record and by the time they did, no one cared, ditto for their third record. THEN Sam co-wrote "She Wolf"—the finest pop smash Shakira's ever thrust to—and in doing so he blew everyone's minds. HOW WAS THIS MELODY MADNESS TRAPPED WITHIN YOU SAM? Such an incredible piece of pop mastery. 103 million views and counting, yeah girl!

Anyway, Sam is back with a new outfit called The Mercy Beat. Two tracks have already hit, but above is the premiere for "Fool for a Fool," which is bleached out and falsetto fabulous. No idea what Sam's singing, but there's an 80s yacht-rock vibe and as Eric put it—"It's got a nice groove to it; I'd make out to this"—which sounds pretty ideal to me.

The Mercy Beat's eponymous EP will be released 6.17 via French indie OSKAR Recordings.

Kim and Eric are both fans of making out. Although not with each other. They're on Twitter - @theKTB and @EricSundy.