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Premiere: Find Some Good Old Fashioned Pomp in the New Rat Columns Video

Lace Curtain’s David West has got some serious indie rock going on.

by Noisey Staff
Jul 7 2014, 5:36am

Featuring mannequin masks, bouquets of flowers, parasols, liquid smoke and David West’s chimey guitar; “Pink Mist” the latest video for Rat Columns is like a take on early Go Betweens and Roxy Music glam, mixed with the more contemporary sounds of Florida Goths, Merchandise.

Taken from Rat Columns second album Leaf - which follows 2012’s Sceptre Hole and a four-song 7” on US label Smartguy - the video (shot and acted by West and his pals James Beck and Laura McIntosh) has a hazy quality that adds to the songs theatrical air and pomp.

West, orginally from West Australia, but who after some years playing and living in Califronia, now calls Melburne home, has been busying himself with Lace Curtain, time in Total Control and a newer project Tudor House. But it’s in Rat Columns that he gets his white shirt on and plays some serious indie pop

'Leaf' is available now on vinyl through RIP Society and Easter Bilby and digitally through Bandcamp.


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