Our Favorite 11-Year-Old Metalheads Just Sent Us a Christmas Card

And it’s the best thing we’ve gotten this season.

Dec 25 2013, 5:48am

Around the holidays, we get a lot of cool stuff sent to us here at the Noisey offices by people trying to bribe us and win over our tastes. Well, it won’t work! (JK JK keep sending us swag. We are sizes men’s large, men’s medium, women’s medium, and women’s small, respectively.) But the Christmas card we just got from Unlocking the Truth takes the reindeer-shaped cookies. [tosses pile of all other worthless swag into trash]

Unlocking the Truth, in case you’ve forgotten, is a trio of 11-year-old metalheads who can crush your eardrums with some seriously dope breakdowns. Their MOMager Annette (how adorable is that???) sent us the above card of the Truth, which reads: “Thank you so much for all your support. Stay metal.” We will, little shredders. We will. And we hope you got whatever it was you wanted for Christmas this year. Maybe some distortion pedals or Naruto video games or something. (We don’t get to hang out with 11-year-olds very often in case you couldn’t tell.)