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Watch Mel of The Outfit, TX's "Purple Diamond Tea"

Get familiar.

by Lauren Nostro
Mar 6 2014, 3:26pm

If you live in New York and you don't have a car, watching Mel of The Outfit, TX's "Purple Diamond Tea" will make you feel a type of way. There is music that undoubtebly sounds better in a car—not that it sounds bad in your iPhone headphones while you're riding the 6 train with someone's ass rubbing against your arm and there's definitely music that sounds better on a train—but this video will make you want to light a blunt and drive around Texas. You probably can't, so just try to imagine it anyway.

The song is physically relaxing, which makes sense because Mel says he got fellatio in the car from his lady and then drove down Houston's Beltway before arriving at the studio in a truly blissful state. We get it. Watch the video for his "Purple Diamond Tea" track above, and pick up the double-album The Outfit, TX dropped in late November called Cognac/Four Corner Room,

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