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Bring in the Spring with Ava Luna's New Song "Rain"

The New York band returns with some glorious pop.

by John Hill
Mar 11 2015, 2:17pm

There aren't many things as soothing as watching the pounds of snow melt after a long and horrible winter of crappy weather. (Yeah, by the way, we're still talking about how much the last few months sucked. Deal with it.) As you stand in your backyard, watching the snow turn to ice, slowly cracking and creating a series of rivers before everything turns into a big pile of muck, take a moment of pause. Spring is here! Love's in the air! It's literally nature's time of year for sex! How could you be mad about anything?

Anyway, below we have the latest track from Ava Luna, a dream-pop group out of New York. The track is called "Rain" and the bubbly sound really does capture that soothing moment when you stand outside and feel the sunshine on your face for the first time after a long winter. "Rain" comes from Father/Daughter Records' "Keep In Touch" series, which is a pretty neat little service that the label provides. Subscribers receive a flexi postcard (which is something you can play on a turntable) and the package includes a handwritten note from the artist. Stream it below, and check out Ava Luna's tour dates after the song.

Ava Luna on tour:

03-16 Raleigh, NC @ Neptunes
03-17 Atlanta, GA @ The Cleaners
03-18 New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar
03-19 Austin SXSW @The Hideout - Western Vinyl (official showcase) 1:00a
03-20 Austin SXSW @Hole in the Wall - Exploding in Sound 12:25a
03-20 Austin SXSW @ Wonderland - Grand Theft Zamboni Launch Party 4:30p
03-21 Austin SXSW @ Wonderbar - Bird Dog party 7:20p
03-21 Austin SXSW @ The Liberty (indoors) - Inflated Records 9p
03-21 Austin SXSW @ Chain Drive - SXSWendy’s Midnight
03-23 Nashville, TN @ Queen Ave
03-24 Charlotte, NC @ Petra’s
03-28 Potsdam, NY @ SUNY Potsdam
04-17 Brooklyn, NY @ Baby’s All Right
04-18 Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn

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