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Get Wet with So Stressed's New Video for "Merv King & The Phantoms"

So Stressed about getting hit.

by John Hill
Mar 19 2015, 4:08pm

You know that horrible anxiety that bubbles up in the bottom of your stomach when you know you're about to get hit really hard with something and it's going to be completely awful? Like if you accidentally kick your friend in the crotch when you were aiming for their leg, and you have to stand still and feel time drip slow while they get ready to retaliate with a free one. Such is life; we're constantly waiting for the horrible shit to get you when you're down.

So Stressed is a band out of Sacramento, CA that play super fast and chunky hardcore. Their video for "Merv King & The Phantoms" gives you glimpse of their chaos; the song frenzies along in a warbling riff, and thuds down into a final breakdown. The video is directed by the handsomer half of the noise lords Wreck & Reference, Ignat Frege, and features third-party anxiety of standing and anticipating being hit by a series of water balloons. "Water balloons" is actually pretty misleading in this context, because it's obvious that homeboy is getting hit with all kinds of gross liquids. Is that a meditation on life itself? Grab a towel, and watch the video below.

John Hill fell in a dunk tank full of flies once and hasn't been the same since. Follow him on Twitter.

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