FaceTime with Michael Christmas, OG Swaggerdick, and Friends: Here's the Video for "Bubbling"

Rich The Kid, Trinidad James, Asher Roth, and Kari Faux are among the friends who make cameos in this high-tech video.
April 1, 2016, 3:25pm

Still via YouTube

A few years ago, a rapper from Boston named Michael Christmas started popping. A few months ago, that same rapper put out a dope album. A few weeks ago, he put out a new song about being a rapper named Michael Christmas called "Bubbling."

This is his story. Via FaceTime.

OK, so that's pretty much the story: Christmas and inimitable pal OG Swaggerdick team up via FaceTime to wander the city and chat with their friends (and a few unsuspecting strangers on the street). We see three phones (one for the plug, one for the load, and one for OG Swaggerdick), and, on the one that doesn't include Christmas or Swaggerdick, a rotating cast of familiar faces. In order, they are: Rich The Kid, Trinidad James, Asher Roth, Kari Faux, DJ Clockwork, A-Trak w/ Zedd, Brandon Wardell (and the mysterious "Robesman"), Silk Money of Divine Council, DJ Rhetorik, and Larry June.

Meanwhile, Christmas drops punchlines about bubbling ("meaning about to pop," he explained) and also seafood ("I'm Bubba Gump / yo bitch a shrimp"; "I love you all for listening / and if you hate / fish and chips / salty"), building up to the triumphant, based declaration: "I'm rookie of the year / nigga, and I'm playing hooky / yeah the award shows kicked me out for cooking."

"I wanted to make a song that talks about the different things I had to do to get to this point right now," Christmas explained over email. "And I wanted to get a bunch of my friends in the video without paying for their flights LOL."

Through a little bit of technical wizardry and under the directorial eye of longtime collaborator Goodwin, he's able to do exactly that. Check out the video below, and get ready for an early Christmas: There's a new EP coming out later this spring, too.

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