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Scramble Your Brain's Circuits with Hot Nerds' 'Generic Plans for a New Blunder' EP

The three-piece featuring members of Some Girls and All Leather delivers the disorienting spazz-rock we've come to love from Three. One. G.

by Dan Ozzi
Jan 13 2016, 5:00pm

Three. One. G, the spazz-punk-noise-whatever-rock label headed by The Locust’s Justin Pearson, has been known to produce some wild, wacky shit. Whether it be the cloaked mystery members of Fast Forward or the harsh sonic assault that is the duo of Bastard Noise, the label is home to an array of crazy output. But Hot Nerds might have the craziest story of them all.

The legend goes that the band originally consisted of a couple—Alia Jyawook (of Bitter Sober and Vaginals) on the keys and Nathan Joyner (of Some Girls and All Leather) pounding the drums. But the day before their anniversary, Nathan was crossing the street and was nailed by a car. After a week in a coma and a month in the hospital, Joyner had to undergo physical therapy just to walk again. With a bunch of new metal rods in his body, he was unable to continue on drums and had to move over to guitar. The band enlisted the help of Thomas F. O’connell to take over drumming duties.

That leads us to here for Hot Nerds, who are about to release a five-song EP called Generic Plans for a New Blunder. In the spirit of Arab on Radar or The Locust, the EP delivers short bursts of dance music that you can spazz out to or spazz music that you can dance to, depending on which way you look at it. You can dig into the EP below's opening track "Belated Brains" below and let the synths, fucked up timing, and wonky tempo shifts scatter your brains around.

Generic Plans for a New Blunder is out via 31G on February 12.

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