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Bon Iver Shares "Haven, Mass (B-Side)," New Collaborations on Promotional Mixtape 'Deux'

The tape, released by the Eaux Claires Festival, teases the festival lineup with songs from the likes of James Blake collaboration Fall Creek Boys Choir, Tenement, and Shabazz Palaces.

by Kyle Kramer
Feb 9 2016, 3:45pm

Image via Soundcloud

Since his last Bon Iver album in 2011, Justin Vernon has kept busy with the world of music in other ways, whether playing with his other band Volcano Choir or repping hard for the local music of his home city of Eaux Claires, Wisconsin, and the surrounding scenes of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Last year, he made his firmest commitment yet to putting Eaux Claires on the map with the inaugural festival of the same name. Eaux Claires Festival is set to return this year, on August 12 and 13. The lineup has yet to be announced, but the festival just released a cassette tape, titled DEUX (that's two in French, for year two), to early bird ticket purchasers that offers some hints.

The tape is now up online for anyone to listen to, and it's got some exciting stuff, including a new Bon Iver song, "Haven, Mass (B-Side)," which is in fact an old Bon Iver song (Justin Vernon said on Twitter is a demo from around 2009 or 2010). It starts at 30:25 on Side B, and you can also listen to it on YouTube. There's also a snippet of a song from Fall Creek Boys Choir, Justin Vernon's collaboration with James Blake (starting at 20:49 on Side B), and songs with Justin Vernon and each of the Dessner brothers from the National. Some of the other artists featured include Tenement, Shabazz Palaces, Jon Hopkins, Tickle Torture, Har Mar Superstar, and Bruce fucking Hornsby, of whom Vernon is a long-avowed fan. If these are in fact some of the performers to expect for Eaux Claires, this festival's going to be nuts. Check out more info on the festival here, and listen to the full mixtape below.

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