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Jungle Rot's New Video Predicts a Death Metal "Doomsday"

Watch the paranoia-inducing new video from these Midwestern death metal OGs.

by Noisey Staff
Mar 8 2016, 8:41pm

For all the glorious, blood-speckled shades of gray that heavy metal now comes in, sometimes you can't help but reach for something comfortingly familiar. No matter how elite your sonic palate, I bet you anything that most of you (at least those of you who grew up on Morbid Angel and Death) are always at least a little down for some meat and potatoes death metal. You've got that craving for it—for nothing fancy, nothing technical, nothing cavernous or melodic or blackened, just brutal, crushing, gurgling, growling death, pumped straight from the source: a bunch of hairy dudes in camo shorts yelling about why humans suck and blood rules.

There's something beautiful in Jungle Rot's simplicity, something addictive in their breakneck riffs, unapologetic grooves, and vocalist Dave Martise's choked roar. They formed back in 1995, and have stayed true to their bloody roots for over 20 years, releasing eight war-torn records—including 2015's Order Shall Prevail, from which the paranoid new video for "Doomsday" is taken.

And according to bassist James Genenz, there's a lot more going on in "Doomsday" than simple brutality. “To me, the video is essentially about paranoia. The protagonist is more than likely a paranoid conspiracy theorist, who probably isn't all that wrong with his theories, but is driven mad because of them," he explains. "The live shots of us playing under targets are like his delusions, envisioning an attack on a small populace of citizens and we are his weapon. Eventually, he cannot handle the prophetic visions and blinds himself to it.”

Cancel your next haircut and repare for "Doomsday" below.

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