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Drug Church Are Like Money on New Track "Green Like Me"

Stream the burner from the post-hardcore band from their forthcoming LP on No Sleep.

by John Hill
Sep 2 2015, 6:24pm

Is there anything better than the color green? It’s a color that can be applied to pretty much any outfit if you find the correct tone for it. Add on top of it, it’s also the color of pretty much everything dope in the world. Cash, trees, weed, broccoli, there’s nothing you don’t love that isn’t green. Which is why Drug Church wrote a song that finally gives the best color in the world its due.

Drug Church is a band from Albany, NY that play abrasive and heavy rock music bordering into hardcore.. The band is dropping a new record, Hit Your Head this October 28 on No Sleep Records. Their new song “Green Like Me” is a grungy, bassy jam about the color green and a whole bunch of others. The song points out how much we tie our memories to the different colors and experiences that pop up, from the brown of a broken couch to the shirt your ex was wearing. The song gets super hard and heavy, the singer heavying into the mic while the guitars flicker between low and high, all in the span of under three minutes.

Listen to the song below, and pre-order their record right here.