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Courtney Love’s Isolated Vocal and Guitar Tracks Are Even Worse Than You’d Imagine


by Dan Ozzi
Sep 9 2014, 2:29am

You probably know Courtney Love as a renowned satellite image analyst and finder of missing planes. But did you know she also fronts a band called Hole? J.M. Ladd sure does. Four years ago, he was hired by a company to film a few bands, including Hole, at Don Hill’s in New York during Fashion Week. After it was done, he never heard from them again. "I still have no idea what happened with regards to the dissolution of their/our arrangement but after fashion week was over, three days later I was standing there (literally) with an invoice and a hard drive," he tells us.

But his loss is our gain because he’s just posted the footage with Courtney’s vocal and guitar tracks isolated and WOW. “To address the most obvious, inevitable question that I will be asked...this is not fake,” he says in the video's description, “Whether you think she's the worst or this just makes her all the more 'punk rock' is for you to decide. I'm merely presenting the facts as they are. Make of them what you will.”

Watch it above. Below is what the full version sounds like if you’re interested.


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