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That Dude Who Sugar-Bombed Adam Levine Tried Pranking Danzig and Uh, It Didn’t Go Well


by Dan Ozzi
Jul 16 2015, 1:49pm

Remember Navid Farsi? No? He was that dude who sugar bombed Adam Levine a while back. It was funny for a minute, until people starting making terrible “Moves Like Jagger Jokes.” Not ringing a bell? Well anyway, he tried pulling some pranks on possibly the worst target in all of music recently, Glenn Danzig.

Danzig, in case you’re unfamiliar, does not care for most things, and chief among them is being photographed. He hates it, in fact, as evidenced by that time at Bonnaroo when he went running after a dude who captured his sacred image with a camera. So when Farsi started snapping pics of Danzig at his Pomona concert, Danzig confiscated his phone, much like a substitute teacher, but you know, evil.

Then Farsi met up with Danzig at his bus later on and tried pulling his prankster shit on ol’ Glenn and it didn’t go over so well for him. Farsi gets put in a headlock, things go black, choking sounds are heard. It’s all a terrific addition to the lineage of Danzig lure—stories that begin with “Did you ever hear about the time Danzig…”

Watch the video below via TMZ, where we get all of our Danzig news. Feel free to insert your Danzig jokes here.

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