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Calm Down with Elohim's "Xanax"

Little is known about this LA-based singer, but her second ever song is super chill.

by Ilana Kaplan
Jul 22 2015, 7:02pm

While Elohim’s “Xanax” might not be the real drug, the effect of the track is pretty potent. Thanks to her ghostly vocals and trip-hop beats this tune is trancey enough to put you in a dream-like state. Think Portishead, Purity Ring, or Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor, who happened to release a song with the same name back in 2006. Although sonically different, Taylor’s “Xanax” is calming with a shimmery vibe, something Elohim’s second single—premiering below—seems to echo.

Thus far the LA-based singer has released just one other song, the glimmering electro-pop gem “She Talks Too Much," and it's clear she's keen to remain relatively incognito as this is the first proper press photo that's been revealed. And even this snap barely reveals her face! And by the way, Elohim means god in Hebrew, which makes sense because this girl's clearly in control. Here's to the mystery continuing to unravel.

The limited edition 12" black vinyl of "She Talks Too Much / Xanax" is out on 7.24 via a B3SCI Records. You can pre-order is here.

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