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Behold the Eerie Beauty of Zayn Malik Hitting High Notes Like It's Nothing

The singer made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and performed a new song called "It's You".

by Noisey Staff
Feb 18 2016, 11:04am

Did you hear it on the way to work this morning? That prolonged crashing sound? Like china plates on a marble floor? That was hearts. That was a million hearts breaking. Man hearts, women hearts, dog hearts, cat hearts. Even the ticking clock one acquired by the tin woodman fella from the Wizard of Oz. Remember how he went all that way for a heart? Well, it's broken now. They all broke under the godly cuteness of Zayn Malik revealing his album cover – a photo of him as a child smiling, edited to include all his present-day tattoos – on The Tonight Show last night, and then delivering the most pitch perfect swoon song ever delivered to human ears. I mean, he hits a note so eerie at one point that it leaves what could be classed as human register and reaches into something I can only describe as: 'forlorn barn owl'.

"It's You" is the second song to come from the solo project we've all been waiting for ever since One Direction first formed, and it's a marked departure from that sultry bang jam he dropped two weeks ago, wandering away from fire place lust and into the darker and murkier jungle of a failing relationship.

Watch it below, and die.