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Listen to This Alex Winston Demo Recorded When She Was 16

Winston was rifling around in her childhood home when she dug up this demo and Polaroids. Happy #tbt!

by Kim Taylor Bennett
Aug 27 2015, 3:11pm

Alex Winston is like fam. We love the Detroit-born, Brooklyn-based singer because she's an absolute peach and she writes pop songs like shooting stars, and sometimes she can bring us to tears. Hello! We defy you do listen to "Down Low" without feeling your scalp tingle and your tear ducts spontaneously evacuate.

As her longstanding cheerleaders, we were stoked about her show on a boat that was supposed take place in New York this evening, but sadly the event's been canceled because Winston's back in Detroit recuperating from Lyme disease. Earlier this week she wrote on her Facebook:

"I'm saddened to announce that this weeks Rocks Off Concert Cruise has unfortunately been cancelled. A month ago I was diagnosed with lyme disease and have been home getting treatment since. I was really hoping that my condition would change in time for the show, but I am just not well enough to perform yet. I've got quite the road ahead of me, but I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's support. That being said, once I kick this thing, I promise to make it up to you guys tenfold and I sincerely apologize to everyone who bought tickets!"

Ugh. The worst! We're thinking of her and sending lots of love. (Side note: people please watch out for ticks. Lyme disease is no joke.)

But on a more positive note: today Winston provided us with a #tbt that's so adorable it makes your heart hurt a little.

"I was recently home in Detroit rifling through some old equipment and I found this demo," explains Winston. "This was the first song I recorded on my own. I think I was 16 at the time and just bought a 24 track that I knew absolutely nothing about. I started swinging in the dark and eventually this song came out. I think thats when I fell in love with the production aspect of music and its also how I developed my writing style."

As you can hear above, "It's Alright" is a handclap-cute pop song with a pinch of teen melancholy—plus check out these awesome pics she pulled out, below. Best #tbt we've seen all day. Get better, Alex, and come back to us soon!

Kim Taylor Bennett is sending Alex hugs. She's on Twitter.