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Smash Mouth Singer Loses It on Stage, Threatens Fans, Is Still Surprisingly Not Guy Fieri

"You throw one more piece of shit on fucking stage, I'm gonna come find your ass and beat your ass wherever you are."

by Eric Sundermann
Jun 15 2015, 2:04pm

Photo courtesy of Smash Mouth

Ah, Mondays. You're just rolling into the office now, hating the existence of money and the whole reason you have to do this whole "job" thing every week. You linger by the coffee pot, hoping to catch someone else lingering with whom you can talk extensively about all the sweet things you did this weekend. You groan as no one shows up, and make your way back to your desk. In hopes of delaying the reality of work a bit more, you open up Twitter, and, well, what's that? Is that a video of the lead singer of Smash Mouth (his name is Steve Harwell, btw) losing his shit on stage during a concert in Colorado? Right before he performs "All-Star," a song you thought was just perpetually playing on FM radio stations and didn't realize was actually still capablie of being played on instruments? You don't believe something so perfect could actually exist, so you click on the link, and, welp, there it is, in full form. It's a video of the dude from Smash Mouth losing his shit and threatening to beat the fuck out of a fan.

Maybe this week won't be so bad after all.

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