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PUP Played Over 250 Shows Last Year and Their Video for "Back Against the Wall" Is Proof

Four hardworking Canucks and a GoPro.

by Dan Ozzi
Feb 12 2015, 4:00pm

Photo by Jessica Flynn

Last year, we met a little band from Toronto called PUP right before they released their debut album. We asked them what their goals were for the year and they pretty much said they wanted to eat nachos and play 200 shows. So that’s what they set out to do. They lived out of a van that smelled like melted cheese and tortilla chips and brought their infectious pop punk to the masses.

They hopped on a tour with The Menzingers, they headlined a loop around the country in October (which we proudly presented), they went to Europe, they went anywhere they could plug their amps in. The played festivals, they played basements, they played in ketchup and mustard costumes. They played for strangers, they played for friends, they played for anyone who would have them. Did they play 200 shows? No. They actually played over 250 shows. And here a lot of them are, conveniently condensed into one video for their song, “Back Against the Wall.”

PUP are currently touring Australia right now with The Smith Street Band because THEY DON’T KNOW HOW TO STOP. Following that, they’re on tour with The Get Up Kids and Restorations. And to prove their commitment to touring no matter what the circumstances, they’ll be playing the Warped Tour in July. They will play inside your bathroom if you ask them nicely.

Also, have you seen their other videos? They’re all amazing and nominated for a bunch of Juno Awards and stuff.

Here's one where they smashed a car:

Here's one where they killed a dude:

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