Meet Dinild Trimp, Trump's Freakish Alter Ego

Who is Dinild Trimp?

by Beckett Mufson
Aug 18 2016, 4:15pm

We can't stop looking at these twisted segments of Donald Trump's face superimposed onto his body. These fleshy man-pieces go by the name of Dinild Trimp and run under the slogan "MAKE AGAIN make," though little other information can be gleaned from his (its?) Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts. Many of the unsettlingly edited portraits are little more than lips and double chins, though a few forgo the mouth area entirely in favor of more mysterious swaths of skin.

Multiple attempts to reach out to Trimp's creator have failed to produce any information about the mysterious conceptual social media account, leaving us scratching our heads. Trimp doesn't seem like political commentary, so perhaps its some kind of formal exploration into Trump's skin-as-medium? These morphologies remind us of prolific face-morpher Phillip Kremer's haunting Photoshop jobs, many of which also star the Republican presidential candidate. Whether Trimp is Kremer's way of gearing up for the election in a couple months, or it's the brainchild of another artist with similarly disturbing visual sensibilities, we may never know. Perhaps by gazing into these Trimps, we can gain a greater understanding of the man we just might meet at the voting booths come November. 

See more Dinild Trimp on Instagram. Find your next favorite artist on The Creators Project's Instagram feed.


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