The 'Oregon Trail' Pin Wins, Because Nostalgia

New pins from Silly Slang, Pins Bro, Nerd Pins, Creative Adventure, PSA Press, and a 15% off discount code from Strike Gently Co.

by Charlie Ambler
Dec 14 2016, 6:00pm

As the founder of Strike Gently Co, I deal in pins and patches daily. The Creators Project asked me to pull together a weekly roundup of the best newly-released pins. Most of these will probably sell out. If you like them, smash that “add to cart” button. Every Wednesday, you can head to the bottom of this article for an exclusive discount code so you can keep your pin game sharp.  

I couldn’t find enough Christmas pins to make this roundup themed, so there you go. This was a good week for pins, either way. Everyone is dropping their best stuff hoping that the hungry teens of the major metropolitan areas of the world will go on the internet and buy 'em all before the holidays. You can never have enough trinkets.

PSA Press


A photo posted by PSA PRESS (@psa_press) on

I don’t really know the origins of Kilroy but I’ve seen him in every public bathroom I’ve ever been in, and then some. PSA Press releases a lot of funny self-referential pingame pins, but this one is just a good old fashioned well-drawn design. They’re killing it.

$9.00 here.

Nerd Pins


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Some genius on Twitter said, “more than two white people sitting in a room is considered a podcast.” I love podcasts the way I love Steely Dan and Amazon Prime, so, lay it on me thick, Maron. Who will he interview next? Statistically speaking, someone I love and care about.

$10.00 here.

Creative Adventure


A photo posted by CREATIVE ADVNTR (@creativeadvntr) on

I'm guessing everyone who loves Marc Maron also loved Oregon Trail in their youth. There’s nothing more fun than being a suburban bourgeois teen playing a simulation of what life was like back when it was actually dangerous. Will you cross the river? Will you sink or swim? Will you die of dysentery? Will you catch a fish to eat? Will your Windows 95 system crash right before you beat the game? Probably. 

$12.00 here.

Pins Bro


A photo posted by PINSBRO (@pinsbro) on

Everyone knows that sharks are dangerous. And yet, we all go swimming without a profound sense of fear in our heart because, well, we just love the open sea. Not anymore. With this pin you can remind everyone you see that every time they swim in the ocean they risk being consumed by something higher up on the food chain. Surf’s up brah.

$10.00 here.

Silly Slang


A photo posted by SILLY SLANG (@silly_slang) on

Look at how naughty this pin is! Wow. Sometimes you say “fuck the world,” and sometimes it fucks you. Other times, you just want to see it in action, you know? Nothing like some misanthropic cartoon smut for everyone you walk by throughout the day.

$10.00 here.

Thanks for reading! Get 15% off this week at Strike Gently Co with code WOWZA. Happy holidays.


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