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Stop Motion Furniture Design Makes Carpentry Look Easy

Woodworker Frank Howarth documents the making of a lawn chair and a bookshelf—as stunning stop-motion videos.

by Emerson Rosenthal
Sep 9 2014, 6:00pm

From carpenter Frank Howarth, comes a DIYer's ultimate YouTube playlist: a series of stop-motion animations that comprise Howarth's expert woodworking projects. In his videos (viewable above and below), Howarth shows how he makes a bookshelf and a lawnchair, from sawing all the way through sealing.

From the looks of it, provided a safe, tool-stocked workspace, basic carpentry knowledge, and a couple extra hours to document your process in thousands of pictures, and then animate the whole thing frame-by-frame, all while creating Švankmajer-esque sound designs to accompany the piece, that even you (yes, you!) can create not only your own chairs and bookshelves, but your own stop-motion masterpieces, too! 

Below, Howarth even offers a making-of video, so you can better understand how his stop motion construction projects come to full fruition: 

 For more craftsmanship from Frank Howarth, check out his YouTube channel. h/t ColossalThe Awesomer


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