Finally, 'Pong' Meets Mondrian

Ever wanted your 20th century art in 8-bit format?

by DJ Pangburn
Mar 23 2016, 3:30pm

B3ta creative community issued a challenge last week: “Turn famous works of art into video games, or classic video games into art. Space invade Mona Lisa and hang Mario in the Louvre.” All told, there were 120 entries. One uncredited user ingeniously turned a Piet Mondrian painting and Pong into a Pongdrian GIF. The image circulated around the Internet until artist and programmer Kristiana Hansen made it playable, calling it MondriPong.

“This uncredited animated GIF image has been circulating on social media,” Hansen writes. “It is a joke combining the video game Pong with the artwork of Piet Mondrian. It was surprising that a Google search didn’t turn up a playable version of it, so I made one and here it is!”

“The size and position of the elements is designed to reflect the size and positioning of the elements in the original animated GIF, even though they aren’t necessarily ideal for a playable game,” she adds.

Hansen says she is working to improve collision detection, especially for the top and bottom of paddles; add touch events so it can be controlled on a phone or tablet; and create a “responsive layout so it adapts to smaller screens”.

Click here to play MondriPong, and here to see more work by Kristiana Hansen.

Via BoingBoing


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