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New Installation Made Out E-Waste Inspires Australians To Recycle

Where smartphones go when they die.

by TCP Staff
Feb 14 2014, 5:18pm

Ever wonder where all those Zack Morris-looking old cell phones ended up? Well search no further: Australian recycling initiative MobileMuster, in collaboration with artist Chris Jordan and the students from Wanganui Park Secondary College, have created a new public installation out of the outdated clunkers. Conceptualized for the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne, Australia, this large-scale work is composed of over 8,000 discarded mobile phones.

The project comes as part of a broader plea for more earth-friendly methods of E-waste disposal. According to the event's organizers:

"If 23 million old mobile phones were recycled it would lessen the need to mine over 144, 000 tons of precious metal ore, recover over 397 tons of plastic and have the equivalent of environmental impact of planting over 120, 000 trees."

Chris Jordan and students from Wanganui Park Secondary College teamed up for this 4m x 8m work created out of 8000+ phones--the same amount that gets discarded each day. 

Below, watch a timelapse of the project's install:

For more on the Sustainable Living Festival click here. Chris Jordan's eco-installation will be on display February 12-16th at Federation Square, Melbourne.