Now You Can Fingerpaint with Animal Collective

And hear their new single, "Lying in the Grass," while you’re at it!

by Annie Armstrong
Jan 28 2016, 10:45pm

Images courtesy Animal Collective

In anticipation of their upcoming album, Painting With, Animal Collective launched an interactive app for iPad and iPhone that allows users to literally paint with the band, or at least, to paint with the band members’ faces. The app is also the exclusive platform to hear the band’s newest single, “Lying In The Grass.”

The jittery new track scores the illustration process, which pulsates to the springy beat of the song. Users can also upload their own photos to use as paintbrushes, along with original illustrations by artist Brian DeGraw, shown above.

The app also livestreams its paintings on Animal Collective's website, which you can survey here. Peep some of the works we’ve collected below:

Painting With debuts on February 19, 2016. Click here to check out Animal Collective's new app. 


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