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Skip Traffic, Traverse Space and Time in a Roadside Mini-Universe

For one night in November, Loop.pH's inflatable recreation of the cosmos bloomed beneath the A13 flyover in England.

by Sami Emory
Jan 23 2015, 5:00pm

Images courtesy the artists

Osmo, A beginners guide to constructing the cosmos, the new installation from self-described “spatial laboratory” Loop.pH, lets you travel through space and time in a wholly unlikely public place. Beneath the hulking concrete and rumbling traffic of London’s bustling A13 flyover, the London-based studio has fabricated a miniature recreation of the cosmos.

Created for the second annual Light Night Canning Town, a Yorkshire festival whose theme this year, “The Fire and The Stars,” is dedicated to man’s age-old fascination with flames and the intergalactic furnaces fueled by them, the silver sphere that comprises Osmo inflates to a breadth of 29.5 ft, forming a crystalline honeycomb that envelops visitors in a world lightyears away from concrete and car horns. Inside, mirrored inner walls glitter with pinpoints of light from hundreds of lasers, reflected through layers of film. Meditating to a peaceful, ambient soundscape, harried urban dwellers can lie on their backs, basking in a tech-rendition of the canvas that has delighted the eyes of millions before them.

According to Loop.pH, it's “the most cosmologically transporting experience this bit of A-road has ever seen.” Below, check out images of Loop.pH’s Osmo, A beginner’s guide to constructing the cosmos:

Light Night Canning Town took place on November 29, 2014, produced by The Brick Box and supported by the International Association of Lighting Designers. Click here to learn more. 


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