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Big Dope P's New Single "Downa Ride" Screeches with Adrenaline

The track is forthcoming on UK imprint Moveltraxx, which the artist co-founded.

by Alexander Iadarola
Nov 22 2016, 9:45pm

Single artwork by Rachel Kate Noble

London-based, Paris-born producer Big Dope P has shared a high-octane new single called "Downa Ride," which THUMP is thrilled to debut today. Built from a chord progression reminiscent of the midi blues found in Southern rap from the mid-to-late 00s, the track pairs its emotive foundation with a tempo that feels impossibly fast. As a result "Downa Ride" seems to grindingly push against its own limits, and that's part of what makes it so fun.

The producer told THUMP about the track via email. "When I started the 'Downa Ride' instrumental, I had the place where I grew up in mind (Paris 13/Ivry/South suburbs)," he said. "The vision of those blocks inspired the texture, sounds, and melody used in the track. When the song was done, I worked with Rachel Kate Noble who created artworks and a video modeling that 'hood in 3D."

London's Red Gallery will host a release party for the single on December 2, featuring sets from Big Dope P himself alongside Hi Tom, Nightwave, and more. Alongside "Downa Ride," the release will feature a track with Feadz and DMP, as well as a Hi Tom remix of the track we've premiered today.

Downa Ride / Still Trill will be released by Moveltraxx, which the artist co-founded, on December 1.

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