MIXED BY Fehrplay

Let the Norwegian visionary take you all the way to the deep end.

Jul 16 2014, 10:59pm

Jonas von der Fehr, AKA Fehrplay, has gone on to prove that he is a DJ and producer who isn't afraid to try on more than a few different hats. In 2013, the young Norwegian cut his teeth with deep and euphoric jams like "Monte" and "I Can't Stop" in addition to a successful run of B2B sets with fellow progressive pusher Jeremy Olander. Fast forward to 2014 and Jonas has found himself a home on Ultra Records, with the recent release of "Everywhere You Go," a track that's quite the deviation from many of his past productions. It comes off as a summertime piano house bomb, yet still manages to pack enough hypnotizing vocal flavor to keep the progressive heads in check.

For Fehrplay's MIXED BY debut, he takes things back to what we know him for and does something we always like to see here at THUMP—goes deep, way deep. The dude himself tell us that "this is a mix with a lot of tracks I'm loving at the moment but don't always get to play in my sets, so it feels good to put them in here." He even gave us some insider info that the mix packs a new cut under one of his never-before-seen monikers 'Moffe', and we have the world's first listen. Yeah, we're nice like that.

&Me - After dark
Rodriguez Jr. - Persistence
Dubspeeka - Turn
Chez Damier - Can you feel it (Steve Bug Re-Dub)
Sunshine Jones - If You Shouldn't Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix)
Lee Foss, MK - Goodnight Moon
Moffe - Slip
Alan Fitzpatrick - The Tetra
Fehrplay - Pandora
Fehrplay & Jeremy Olander - EDC Intro ID
Fehrplay - Everywhere You Go

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