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The Editors' New Groove Vol. II

Stop listening to that party playlist you made two years ago and give these spanking new tunes a whirl.

by VICE Thump
Oct 18 2013, 7:00pm

The Editors' New Groove is a weekly pow-wow on the freshest new releases on THUMP's editors and regular contributors' radars.

Vivian Host: London's Mr. Mitch takes a "keep calm and carry on" approach to the grime scene's war dubs with this simple and meditative "Peace" edit of Wiley eski beat that will. never. die. I'm gonna go light up the peace pipe and think about some shit.

Max Pearl: The minute-long intro to this steamroller of a tune kinda sounds like the soundtrack to a Claritin commercial—get that licensing money, dawg!!—but then that drop happens and you can feel it rattling your root chakra. Which is your grundle—in case you're not familiar with the Vedic scriptures.

Michelle Lhooq: It took me a couple listens to realize this Aardvarck remix of Amsterdam's Awanto 3 was much more than just jangly background music. Those swirling, loopy synths paired with percussion straight from a Moroccan dancer's ankle bracelet make for one hypnotizingly subtle creeper. Just like my ex-boyfriend!

Joel Fowler: Ben Westbeech's voice mingling with that huge dark bass is like the musical equivalent of those sick yin-yang hemp necklaces from middle school. Will Saul and October nailed this one.

Michelle Lhooq: My favorite pseudo-flamingo Jubilee just cracked this one out on Trouble & Bass, and she tells me "it's totally club vibes from Miami beach... before it became a muscle shit show." Also, apparently she and Burt Fox were bathtime buddies when they were kiddies, but had no idea until their mommies told them so. That's hot.

Max Pearl: I've been awake since 5AM because of these weird itchy bug bites that appeared in the still of the night, plus it's my birthday, and I don't really have any mojo left in my mojo tank. So I'll spare you the quip about being on drugs while listening to deep house in some Bushwick basement and getting a head massage from a stranger. This is flawless, enrapturing deep house from England. Now buy me a drink.

Mike Steyels: I never would have thought that OG reggaetonero DJ Blass would start making moombahton. That's cool though. The seed was most likely planted when he played the Moombahton Massive party at the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival last year. Toy Selectah probably has the story behind this--that dude knows everything.

Joel Fowler: This song makes me so happy. I first heard it when Axel Boman played here last week and was stoked to see it pop up in my Soundcloud feed yesterday. Props if you can name that break.

Mike Steyels: Everyone and their grandma loves Kendrick, and I was mad excited to see this Teklife remix pop up in my feed. Chicago footwork icons Rashad, Phil, MoonDoctoR, and Fresh Till Def went in on this one, and they absolutely merked it. By the way, MoonDoctoR just transplanted to Texas and has been throwing a killer party called 808K in Austin with Miss Fresh. If you're out there, stop by.

Vivian Host: Om Unit (aka Phillip D. Kick) is criminally slept on. Now he comes through with this remix of Machinedrum that sounds like Burial and Mala on a delicate shockout at a mid-90s jungle party. Man nails melancholy retro-futurism so perfectly I'm crying all over my spliff.